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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

This motto defines me the best, because I really believe that really great things come from hard work. Only by fighting and overcoming obstacles can we evolve and get where we want to be. It is also very important how you relate to the hardships you face in your journey through life, and I have always had the attitude of a fighter, an attitude that I have acquired over time and to which this wonderful sport has significantly contributed. which I practice from an early age and which I love enormously: gymnastics.

Yes, I want to talk to you about gymnastics. One thing that any gymnast and, in general, any athlete who has performed well, can confirm is that success has come from many sacrifices and struggles. Nothing comes of it, nothing happens overnight, and most importantly, nothing is easy. And precisely because I am a fighter and because I have done performance gymnastics and I know very well the difficulties faced by athletes in this field, I decided to get even more involved, to try to change something, to try to sweeten life a little young gymnasts in full training. If everyone made the effort to contribute even with a bit of energy in trying to change things for the better, in time, because as I said nothing happens overnight, things would look completely different in Romanian gymnastics. Aerobic gymnastics still brings remarkable results to Romania, but, nevertheless, it does not have the visibility it deserves, and I decided not to remain impassive in front of this phenomenon. Said and done ! In order to be able to really do something, I thought of setting up a sports association, with the idea of ​​creating a community around me. It is not for nothing that it is said, "Where many are growing." If you want, it's like harnessing animals to a cart. When animals pull together, they have more power than the sum of their power taken separately. I always thought that was the only way to change that. But, as I said at the beginning, nothing is easy and I have encountered many obstacles, some even very big, worthy of discouraging even the greatest warrior, but that has hardened me even more.

In order to be able to grow this sports association faster, I decided to join the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, and for that I had to get a certificate from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But I assure you things have not been easy at all. I encouraged myself by telling myself that I just need to ask a state official for a document and then I can start changing things in gymnastics. My account at home did not match the one in reality, because in order to join the name of the association, the words "sports club" had to appear. And that's how I came to change practically all the founding documents. After a lot of running and serious expenses, because there are fees to pay, lawyers' fees and so on, I submitted the new file to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, but ... surprise! He was rejected again. The reason given this time was that the colors of the logo were not concretely explained. I redid the file, but I had to wait another 30 days, because this is the legal term in the communication with the public institutions. Just when I was able to join the Federation and roll up my sleeves to get serious, the pandemic of the new coronavirus came, this unprecedented health crisis in the recent history of the world that has changed the pace of our lives. But man is a versatile creature and has the ability to adapt to new realities, so despite this health crisis, we still managed to organize, together with the Federation, the first international aerobic gymnastics competition: Bucharest Open Cup. It is true that we had to adapt and do everything without the support of the audience in the hall, but it was an extraordinary experience, from which I learned a lot and which will help me enormously in organizing an event of such magnitude in the future.

Step by step, the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy is gaining ground, we are developing beautifully, without burning important stages. Our goal is to take 1st place on the podium. Currently, we are on the podium, but on the third position, after two state clubs. On the list of private clubs in Romania we are already on the first position, with 100 legitimate athletes in the two gymnastics sections: aerobics and gym4all. Many parents bring their children to us only with the idea of ​​moving, without dreaming of performance or a place on the international podiums, but discover at the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy perfect professionals, people involved and last but not least, competitive children, small fighters who, if they have all the necessary resources, get to perform. An indisputable proof in this respect are the medals that the little champions won at the international competitions in which I participated.

When you develop so much, in a relatively short time, another challenge arises, that of space. We soon realized that we needed a bigger training room with all the modern equipment. I said at the beginning that it takes a lot of work to achieve success, but I forgot to mention that a touch of luck, a little help from the Universe, can completely change things. And when you do something out of conviction and with a pure soul, this help does not take long to appear. So, as soon as possible, we will have a new training space, where I am convinced that our athletes will train with even more pleasure.

Each of you who are reading this text now can contribute to the development of this community, making it even stronger, giving it a chance to really change things in gymnastics. How can you contribute concretely? First of all, guiding children to aerobic gymnastics, boys and girls alike, contributing to the formation of this community. We are open to your ideas and proposals, because sometimes we let ourselves be robbed of our daily worries ... You can still help by donating 3.5 percent of your income tax. This percentage of taxpayers' taxes can make a difference, because a private club needs funding to be able to provide the necessary conditions for training. The fight with state clubs is sometimes unfair and unequal, because we do not have funding from the Romanian state. Sponsorships also help us to reward the right athletes with extraordinary results. Our contact details can be easily found on the page of the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy.

I conclude by thanking you for taking the time to read this blog and for the support you have provided and with an exhortation: Let's give aerobic gymnastics the place it deserves!

Let's not forget that aerobic gymnastics is the only branch of gymnastics in Romania that still brings home world and European medals.

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