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A small step for aerobic gymnastics, a huge step for the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy

Sports lovers had the opportunity to attend last weekend, between April 8-10, 2022, one of the most beautiful competitions in aerobic gymnastics - the national competition in Deva, now in its 24th edition.

For more than 12 hours, the spectators were able to admire a real deployment of strength in aerobic gymnastics, as 220 athletes from 16 clubs participated.

Among these sports clubs was the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy, created relatively recently, but which is distinguished by perfect professionals, people involved and last but not least, competitive children, small fighters who, if they have all the necessary resources, get to perform . 32 athletes legitimated with us left for Deva full of enthusiasm. Many parents bring their children here only with the idea of ​​moving, without dreaming of performance or a place on the international podiums, but they discover at the Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy a place where children's dreams can come true.

Our goal is to occupy the 1st place on the podium, and in Deva we succeeded! We took 1st place in the Team, and what makes us even more proud is the fact that we were the only private club present on the podium.

We started the year with the right, the first competition of 2022 on a new scoring code and we ranked on the highest position as a Team.

10 medals obtained by our little gymnasts in Deva, plus a GOLD medal in the Team, complete our record and because we are very proud of them, I will mention below those who won medals at various events, taking advantage of an opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts, because they have shown that they can meet the demands of the national teams, where we hope to reach as many of our athletes as possible, to represent Romania with honor at international and world competitions.

So, thank you and congratulations to:

1. Ana Draghici - Bronze (individual woman)

2. Maya Ion, Alessia Apostol, Adelina Caratas - Argint (Trio 9-11)

3. Medeea Vlasceanu, Anita Iordan, Maria Goncear - Bronze (Trio 9-11)

4. Ana Draghici, Stefania Musat, Andra Aciobanitii, Andra Ionescu, Ruxandra Oancea - Bronze (Group 12-14)

5. Vlad Siminea- Silver (individual man 15-17 years)

6. Vlad Siminea and Ioana Andrei - Silver (Couple 15-17 years old)

7. Maya Ion, Alessia Apostol, Adelina Caratas, AnaLia Sandu, Maria Goncear AUR (Group 9-11 years)

8. Ana Draghici, Stefania Musat and Andra Aciobanitii - AUR (Trio 12-14)

9. Andreea Stoica, Sara Stamate, Iasmina Stoian, Alexia Armaselu, Rania Merhej, Daciana Vasilescu, Ruxandra Oancea, Daria Vernea - AUR (Aerobic Dance 12-14)

10. Stefania Musat, Andra Aciobanitii, Andra Ionescu, Cristina Iftinchi, Cristina Dociu, Adelina Caratas, Maria Goncear, Mara Mitoi- Bronz (Aerobic Dance 12-14)

Notable results, which took part in the final score for the team, also had:

Ema Chen, Antonia Vrabie, Ilinca Goncear - trio 9-11 years old - 8th place

David Dinu, Ilinca Goncear - couple 9-11 years old - 5th place

Antonia Ionescu, Stefania Pintilescu, Lavinia Ionescu Trio 15-17 years old - 5th place

Andreea Stoica, Sara Stamate, Alexia Armaselu trio 12-14 years old - 4th place

Iasmina Stoian, Mara Mitoi, Andreea Stoica, Sara Stamate, Alexia Armaselu group 12-14 years - 4th place

Alessia Apostol individual woman 9-11 years - 4th place

And this year, the competitions in Deva gave a total show and once again demonstrated the beauty of this discipline. I also thank the organizers for the good conduct of the competition.

We are back in Bucharest happy, full of optimism and ready to start the preparations for the Bucharest Cup international competition, scheduled for May 2-5, 2022, where we hope to make an equally good figure.

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