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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Every woman has her own beliefs, her own feelings, models according to which she is guided. One of my beliefs is that we humans come into this world with a purpose, and I believe that, along the way to accomplish our mission, we meet people who come to smooth this path for us or, on the contrary, to hinder our access, which It's not necessarily bad, because as I said in the previous blog, difficulties help you grow and overcome your condition. I don't want to delve into philosophy, I just want to meet a woman who played an important role in my training as a gymnast and as a woman. Rather, in the training of several generations of gymnasts.

Mrs. Maria Fumea, a personality of Romanian gymnastics, coordinating coach of the senior team of aerobic gymnastics, international referee, vice-president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. She was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation at the 83rd World Forum Congress held at the end of last year in Antalya, Turkey.

She has an impressive career, she is the first woman to hold such a position in an international forum, but above all she is a woman with a heart as big as a country, a woman who is actively involved in the development and recognition of this wonderful sport called gymnastics. .

Therefore, it is the best person to help us get a clearer idea of ​​the current situation in gymnastics and see what should be done to give this sport the place it deserves. For this we asked her to answer a few questions

L.C. First of all, thank you for taking time to answer these few questions. I will go directly into the subject and ask you what is the current situation of Romanian gymnastics.

M.F. When we say gymnastics, most fans refer to female and male artistic gymnastics. After many years, in which Romanian gymnastics has had impressive successes worldwide, it is normal for us all to want their continuation. Lately, however, we have faced various problems - the lack of coaches at all levels, the very small selection base, the poor endowment of the clubs, with the necessary equipment to practice this sport, etc., which have led to a decrease in performance.

The gymnastics federation wants that through its involvement, through new programs, improved competition system, coaching and refereeing courses, ensuring the national teams of girls and boys, with everything necessary in the training process, to contribute to the return gymnastics in the world elite. We have in team, sportsmen from the project Country, country we want champions, who are preparing to confirm their value at European and world championships. In the men's national team, there are also athletes who are preparing for major competitions, with very clear objectives.

I hope that together, athletes, coaches, the federation and all those who love gymnastics, will join the efforts to return to this sport.

L.C. Despite all the difficulties, aerobic gymnastics still has very good results, many medals are obtained, but it is a lesser known branch, always somehow left in a shadow cone. In your opinion, why is this happening and what can we do to increase its visibility?

M.F. The aerobic gymnastics, founded within FRG, in 1995, had and still has very good results in the main goal competitions - European championships, World championships and World games. Whole generations of athletes have won over 155 medals, 65 of which are gold.

Not being in the Olympic program, this discipline is not given the importance it deserves, demotivating both the athletes of the national senior and junior teams, as well as the coaches of the clubs from which they come. There are 18 clubs in Romania with 500 athletes. They need material and motivational support.

There is a need for constant promotion from the media, the Federation, the Ministry of Sports and the COSR - with competitions in which aerobic gymnastics participates, under the CIO (World Games) and the European Games on the continental level.

L.C. You are now a member of the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation. What does this position mean to you and what will you be able to do for Romanian gymnastics from this position?

M.F. It was an honor for me to be elected to the FIG Executive Committee after 20 years of working on the Technical Committee of Aerobic Gymnastics of the International Gymnastics Federation. It is an international recognition, both mine and the value of Romanian gymnastics. I will take part in the important decisions approved by FIG, for all gymnastics disciplines. The information, the right to vote, to make proposals, are very important for the activity of the federation and lead to a constructive collaboration internally and internationally. I am determined and I feel responsible, that through the experience gained during the years of work, spent in the gym and in the federation, to help maintain gymnastics among the most valuable disciplines of world sports. There is a need for trust among those involved in the phenomenon of gymnastics.

L.C. How exactly should a gymnast be in order to perform, what characteristics should he meet? Is there a recipe for this?

M.F. From my point of view, gymnasts need, apart from passion and talent, a lot of work. From the age of five to six and up to the age when they become competitors in national and international competitions, it is a long and difficult road. Motor qualities are important in any sport, and in gymnastics you need special qualities and psychomotor qualities. It requires skill, strength, speed, endurance and joint mobility. Somatic appearance and health are also important. From a psychological point of view, emotional balance, resistance to stress, attention, willpower and courage are needed.

L.C. Very interesting everything you told us here. I hope that all this will motivate more young people to embark on this path and, at the same time, motivate those with decision-making power to get more involved.

In conclusion, I would like to ask you to send a message to all gymnasts who are discouraged by the current situation, but also to the little gymnasts at the beginning of the road.

M.F. Gymnastics, in all its forms, is a special sport, beautiful, elegant, attractive, a true ART.

For real athletes: You fell, get up! You fell again, get up again!

For beginners: you chose gymnastics because you like it. Continue gymnastics, because it has entered your bloodstream. It's part of your life.

Welcome to the beautiful family of GYMNASTICS!

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