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Aerobic Gymnastics for Boys

Throughout history, mankind has shattered myths thanks to people who got involved, researched and changed mentalities. One such myth is that gymnastics is an eminently female sport. Have you ever seen a lot of boys at a gymnastics class? Not really. One explanation is that the fairer sex has better coordination, and girls outperform boys in this respect, but things are about to change because the world is evolving. For example, bodybuilding used to be just for men, but lately we're seeing more and more girls lifting weights and getting to perform in this area.

What is certain is that gymnastics is a mixed sport with huge benefits for physical and mental health.

Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy has developed workouts specifically designed for boys.

Why should you bring your boy from a young age to practice this sport?

It develops muscles, gives more flexibility to the body, better coordination, but at the same time it disciplines, improves emotional state and helps them to face physical and emotional challenges more easily.

Let's change mentalities together, let's break down this myth, and help today's boys to become tomorrow's men!

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