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Gymnastics Academy

Laura Cristache Gymnastics Academy is a Sports Club affiliated to


since 2020.

Some of the athletes of our club are members of the National Junior and Senior Lot of Romania and are medalists at National and International Championships, as well as at the WORLD and EUROPEAN Aerobic Gymnastics Championships.

In 2021 together with the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, the Academy successfully organized the International Bucharest Open Cup competition where about 500 athletes participated.

In 2021, 34 medals at national and international competitions crowned our hard work, passion and dedication, but most of all we cherished the moments spent with our athletes. Both the smiles and the disappointments help us progress, get better and be a family.

Our thoughts also go out to our sponsors and parents, who have supported us unconditionally.

This year we decorated the Christmas tree with 34 medals, 6 of them European and 3 World medals.

Also in 2021 we are the FIRST PRIVATE CLUB in Romania to be on the podium of the TEAMS awards at the National Aerobic Gymnastics Championships.

We are family!

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